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Monopole microwave blaster

Sickening, sterilization and depopulation by "slow cooking" the unwary

Got headaches lately? Ringing ears? Aching joints? Insomnia? Brain-fog and inability to focus? Inferility? Chronically worsening medical problems? Military studies show 100% of people affected but PEPCO doesn't seem to care, rebukes caution and critical science, ignores Channel 9 news expose, obstinately switches out meters anyway, presumably to make more money.

Monopole (cellphone) stealth health devastator

Cell-phone microwave radiation: malaise, cancer and worse. A growing number of smarties are becoming aware. UN experts recently admitted cell phone and microwave radiation are potentially carcinogenic...now that there are over 300,000 mega-blasting towers and antenna up all over the USA. Darnestown, by sheer luck of its topography and zoning, is an uncommon oasis, largely free (except near the monopole, or near homes using wifi routers or which have tacitly accepted PEPCO's "smart" meter) from the electro-smog that elsewhere permeates nearly everyone.

Bee "die-off" repeatably caused by cordless phone - study

Regarding the ongoing "bee die-off": Watch from 18:00 into RESONANCE: Beings of Frequency -- Dr J Kuhn, Univ Koblenz / Landau: Put a cordless phone (which emits microwave radiation) atop beehives to consistently, repeatably evoke partial to 100% total bee abandonment / "collapse". Keep watching through the part about "Chryptochrome" guidance molecules (do you recall the mass finch and other bird "die-offs", and the remarkably many gone-crazy robins, back in the 1990's ?) ...and maybe keep watching the whole documentary. So...for how much longer long will you keep that microwave-blasting DECT cordless phone in your home, or even right next to your bed? ..baby monitors blast out microwave radiation, too.

  • Rapid-aging syndrome, "slow cooking" molecular degradation, due to cell phones

  • Rapid-aging on the inside -- Dr Magda Havas - Chronic pain and malaise, rapid-aging syndrome, and slow-cooking demise is not inevitable; maybe it could be slowed, stopped, or even reversed by simply ceasing microwave exposure. See also Dr Magda Havas' other video on rapid-aging syndrome: Bodies constantly exposed to microwave radiation are not able to naturally recover and age prematurely - they are literally "slow-cooked".


  • "Fibro-myalgia", possible misnomer for "microwave allergy" and impeded blood flow?

  • ABOVE: Consider also the possibility that "Fibro-myalgia" might instead be a misnomer for "Microwave Allergy", its 'widespread chronic pain and fatigue' being plainly explained by Rouleaux formation (the severe stacking and clumping) of red blood cells, as demonstrated by Dr Magda Havas' microscopy examination of live blood exposed to a ten-minute cell-phone call; distortion and damaging of blood cells; and painful impediment of their life-giving capillary action, which may involve propulsion assistance relating to structured water (exclusion-zone or "EZ" water, H3O2, the so-called "fourth phase" of water), per Dr Gerald Pollock, BELOW. These disparate facts are not widely known or connected, but they should be; it might save much needless pain and suffering.

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