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24 Feb 2017

If your clean, un-fracked well-water matters to you... keep it!
Annapolis. Thursday. March 2nd. 1pm.
Be there. Or soon slurp fracked water.

In neighboring states and across the nation, evidence is mounting that drilling and fracking for natural gas leads to polluted air and water, serious health problems, earthquakes and economic losses for local communities.

Maryland's governor, Larry Hogan, has said he wants to move forward with drilling - despite the growing evidence of harm. The latest poll in Maryland found 56 percent of Maryland registered voters oppose fracking. New York state recently banned fracking, citing significant public health risks and unknown long term cumulative health effects.

A ban on fracking in Maryland is necessary to protect human health, land and water resources, and sustainable economic development in our state. The Maryland General Assembly must prioritize the health and safety of its residents, stand with the science and pass a statewide ban on fracking.

Jan 2017

United Nations' "AGENDA 21" vs Darnestown

28 Sep 2016

Fracking in Maryland by next year unless you help stop it now!

Will you let them literally poison your well-water and life-essence, too? Follow this link to help save yourself and everyone else.

Are you somehow "pro-fracking" or maybe even clueless and disinterested? The plan is to grab gas for profit, despite poisoning and polluting your water, forever. Consider this: Take an interest...or stop drinking water.

Yoko Ono introduces Gasland, movie and director - "We're all water, from different rivers."

GasLand 2010 the documentary, by Josh Fox - this is the mind-blower

Gasland 2013 (documentary, part 2)

From liz @ everythingspiritual.org

Did you hear? The Hogan administration just released regulations that would allow fracking in Maryland as early as next year! These regulations are awful, but the Maryland legislature can still stop fracking before it starts.

I just signed this petition calling for a statewide ban on fracking in Maryland. Will you join in the outcry, or will you silently let them poison your ground and well-water, forever?


PLEASE pass this on to all your friends on Email and Face Book

dont frack md . org

What's slowly killing Darnestown's plants and trees?

Have you examined your trees and plants lately? De-barking, drying and dying in place. Brittle and breaking-off, part-way up in light to moderate winds. Weird fungus growing amuk. Holes through and strange "chemical burns" on practically all leaves. Roots dying and drying, toppling over with huge root clumps intact as if they've lost their grip on the earth. This broad assault has a silent, spooky source colloquially called "chemtrails" but identified in the military and other literature as "geo-engineering", "climate engineering" or "weather modification".

BELOW: Darnestown's most prominent victim to date: the champion Catalpa tree at Darnestown's village-center had to be taken down, (apparently) due to internal "drying" that caused a large crack in the base trunk of the massive tree that stood since before the Civil War. What can dry-out a centenarian tree from its inside?

BELOW: Up to 20% of the trees along the C&O Canal are similarly stricken. Forests, woods, and even backyards are now litered with dead fallen trees pre-rotten, strangely bent and deformed young trees, and are generally sickly looking and alarmingly thinning. What could be causing this devastation to living forests?

Why were skies bluer in years past with big puffy white clouds and bright warm yellow sunshine? Now there's only barely-blue omni-haze, weird "cloudage" (not really clouds in any traditional sense, but just sort of "floating munge and stuff suspended up there"), and global dimming, apparently not due to typical pollution or mysterious "global warming" (or its "climate change" cousin) but instead due to routine aerosol spraying. Military documents, patents and other sources provide sinister confirmation.

ABOVE: January 2016: Sunsets all over the world are becoming increasingly similarly weird: Hazy-misty aerosol "clouds" in grid-like or regularly striated patterns with ubiquitous peachy-orangish glow. Stop being fooled: Mother Nature does not do that; the skies most reasonably reveal blatant weather modification and climate-change-in-the-making.

"Smart" meters, for stupid people?

Darnestown is becoming awash in electro-smog microwave radiation pollution that -- according to military studies and awake/aware doctors -- zombifies, sickens, sterilizes and eventually depopulates by "slow cooking" the unwary.

Got headaches lately? Ringing ears? Aching joints? Insomnia? Brain-fog and inability to focus? Infertility? Chronically worsening medical problems? Military studies show 100% of people affected, but PEPCO rebukes caution and critical science, ignores Channel 9 News expose showing its claims as parroted lies, obstinately switches out meters anyway.

You can opt-out, returning to what worked perfectly fine before (and never needed changing), reducing your exposure to microwave radiation and thereby (according to military, UN and others) saving your health and that of your neighbors. Even if you're not particularly good to yourself, be a good neighbor: Do your part to keep Darnestown electro-smog free!

Monopole - the flag-draped, stealth health devastator

UN recently classified cellphone microwave radiation as a suspected carcinogen thus invalidating the industry-standard "flesh heating" as the measure of dangerous exposure. Unfortunately, now there are over 300,000 mega-blasting towers and antenna up all over the USA, with no end in sight for power, frequency, or numbers. In part, this makes "electro-smog" pollution the least regulated, least understood, and most widespread hazard to life. The looming, wholly-unregulated, completely misunderstood "Internet of Things", which will embed RFID-chips and thereby interconnect (via microwaves) every imaginable tangible item -- including hair pins, tampons, and Q-Tips, presumably -- will positively soak everyone in the inescapable poison that is microwave radiation. As new medical conditions blossom and mysterious deterioration and suffering increases, maybe it's time to totally re-examine foolishly blind trust.

BELOW: Darnestown's radio-active center? Do you suppose the people working at the center of Darnestown, immediatley surrounding the Microwave-blasting Monopole, know why they may be suffering chronic fatigue, ringing ears, insomnia, brain-fog, memory blunting, and maybe worse? According to over 2,300 military studies, 100% of these people are biologically affected, whether they can immediately feel the cellular affects or not. See the article for sources. Because doctors are not trained in radio-biology, instead of suggesting shielding or simple reduction of exposure they prescribe drugs and then more drugs upon drugs (to counter side-effects), ultimately as bandages that do not remediate microwave radiation as a potentially primary root cause. For smarter, deeper, credentialed, published insight, see Dr Jose Delgado "Physical Control of the Mind" and Dr Robert O Becker "Body Electric".

IMMEDIATELY ABOVE, SECOND PICTURE FROM BOTTOM-LEFT: Notice the 'chemtrail criss-cross' aerosol spray "clouds", lingering over Harris Teeter, inevitably spreading out as overcast dimming of sunlight, later falling to poison the soil, water, food, people. Well-known "airplane contrails" (water vapor exhaust condensation trails) are not the plainly visible, on-again-off-again, grid-patterned, horizon-spanning, persistent spray trails that slowly spread into overcast haze ("Operation Cloverleaf").

BELOW: Chemtrails and "Electro-smog" are intimately related

ABOVE: NASA image shows intricate web of chemtrails over southeastern US

"Chemical incapacitants have been developed that affect the mental functions of the mind in various ways. Today, research and deployment continues of chemical and radioactive substances that can control people. One of the methods that chemical and radioactive materials work is to change genetic structures. Some of the genetic changes that can be created chemically, are chemical changes that affect the way the mind thinks. In a nutshell, we are looking at a situation where the thinking of an entire race could be altered via chemicals dropped into their air and water. How long would these genetic changes last? It is conceivable that some of the changes might have long range consequences. Again, the bottom line is that the World Order has at its disposal radioactive substances that can distributed in conjunction with chemicals to mind-control large geographic regions by genetic manipulation. These radioactive substances and chemicals can be distributed over vast areas by the air and water of a geographic region. It is conceivable that within a short time, the United States will experience chemicals administered via the air, or the drinking water used in conjunction with specific external stimuli to reinforce certain types of mind-control programming on a mass of people. A chemical that makes people susceptible to suggestion could be used over a geographic area while hypnotic television messages and ELF waves, etc. contribute to the mind-control operation."

From the 2004 Global Research article "Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War". Just imagine all the goodness that has been devised since then.

ABOVE: Denial and Distraction by a complicit, controlled media that never had your 'best interests' at heart. See "Cronkite, life-long globalist, yielder of American sovereignty, glad to sit at the right hand of Satan".

See also:
Rense: What Chemtrails Really Are

Microwave radiation intensity measurements taken 1 km away (near the intersection of Spring Meadows Drive, Route 118, and Route 28) are thousands to tens-of-thousands of times higher than measurements taken just a few feet away, behind an earthen embankment. The difference? Direct line-of-sight to the deadly monopole.

Microwave radiation, in even trace ("nano") amounts, is - according to military, UN, and other studies - biologically entraining and impactful - see Dr Nick Begich: "Technological Control Grid Prevents People From Thinking") - see also "When the head was irradiated ... monkeys [exhibited] considerably increased agitation..." in "Behavioral and Cognitive Effects of Microwave Exposure" (USAF) Clearly contrary to the buttery telecom industry and wholly mistaken popular disregard or fancy, microwave radiation is nobody's friend. So...why is it powerfully blasting nearly every school in the country? 300,000 towers and counting. Is that a future to truly benefit or rather to profitably slow-cook and debilitate mankind?

ABOVE: Cellphone microwave-blasters tower over (and blast into) most schools all over the country. If it's so "safe", why do workers wear metal mesh jumpsuits to protect against (human) cellular damage from the microwave radiation? Industry shills and apologists preposterously cling to "heating" as the sole effect microwave radiation has upon biological entities. As painful suffering, sexual sterilization, mind zombification, and slow deterioration increases (as well as untimely deaths, strange strokes, "ADHD", "ADD", "Fibro Myalgia", and so many other recently emerging ailments and medical conditions), maybe it's time to look to deeper, chronic causation?

Bee "die-off" repeatably caused by single cordless phone

Regarding the ongoing "bee die-off": Watch from 18:00 into RESONANCE: Beings of Frequency -- Dr J Kuhn, Univ Koblenz / Landau put a cordless phone (which emits microwave radiation) atop beehives to consistently, repeatably evoke partial to 100% total bee abandonment / "colony collapse". Keep watching through the part about "Chryptochrome" guidance molecules (do you recall the mass finch and other bird "die-offs", and the remarkably many "gone-crazy" robins, back in the 1990's ?).

For how much longer long will you keep microwave-blasting cordless phones in your presence? Baby monitors blast out microwave radiation, too...every second, many unnatural, sharp-edged, DNA-splitting, high-intensity bursts -- diabolically perfect for slow-cooking innocent tater-tots!

Why? Right, that's always the question. Why? Obama's Science Czar explains why ("Overpopulation") in a 1,400 page textbook that also examines ways to drastically cull humanity, including secretly poisoning public water supplies with depopulative sterilants. Does it really matter why, when that kind of thinking is harbored and rewarded at the highest levels, and you and everyone (and everything) you know are the unwitting targets?

ABOVE: Microwave radiation has been shown to repeatably cause up to 100% beehive abandonment (the so-called "colony collapse disorder", the media-hype to confound identification of true culprits, busily making trillions of dollars yearly, with no end in sight.). How much longer will you allow them to cavalierly derange and debilitate yourself and your family? Maybe you haven't been told the whole, awful truth by a system having everything to gain from your deception, ignorance and suffering - would that really be such a big mystery?

Rapid-aging syndrome, "slow cooking" cellular assault

Rapid-aging on the inside -- Dr Magda Havas - Chronic pain and malaise, rapid-aging syndrome, and slow-cooking demise is not inevitable; maybe it could be slowed, stopped, or even reversed by simply ceasing microwave exposure. See also Dr Magda Havas' other video on rapid-aging syndrome: Bodies constantly exposed to microwave radiation are not able to naturally recover and age prematurely - they are literally "slow-cooked".


"Fibro-myalgia", misnomer for "microwave allergy"?

ABOVE: Consider also the possibility that "Fibro-myalgia" might instead be a misnomer for "Microwave Allergy", its 'widespread chronic pain and fatigue' being plainly explained by Rouleaux formation (the severe stacking and clumping) of red blood cells, as demonstrated by Dr Magda Havas' microscopy examination of live blood exposed to a ten-minute cell-phone call; distortion and damaging of blood cells; and painful impediment of their life-giving capillary action, which may involve propulsion assistance relating to structured water (exclusion-zone or "EZ" water, H3O2, the so-called "fourth phase" of water), per Dr Gerald Pollock, BELOW. These disparate facts are not widely known or connected, but they should be; knowing saves much needless pain and suffering.

Land, Water, Resources, & Freedom Grabs

Mega-church = Mega-feces = no more (non-fluoridated) well-water

Spoiling local aquifer and your well-water. ...forcing you off of well and onto bottled or fluoridated. Okay by you? Fluoride clogs pituitary gland, suppresses "third-eye" and spirituality and more - Dr Russell Blaylock

Sustainable Development

Codeword for 'we', not you, control your property - by "consensus" of course!

Skools + Edukation = Bent Diversity, "Gender Trois"

Diabolical designs to deliberately dumb-down and depopulate?
An education, on education, gender manipulation, mind-control.

Behind, beneath, beyond the "One World" globalism

UN/UNESCO: 'Educated people are less sustainable than poor people' - from page 12 of a document on un.org - rationalizations for mass stupefication or elimination: Stupid or dead. Which one are you, in their utopia?

Examination of United Nations (UN) writings exposes Luciferian core; consequently, its ruthlessly-sought "globalism" serves whose interests? "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair.

Is there some ethereal "evil" hatefully acting out through soulless servants? Or maybe it is humanity's increasingly apparent, insurmountable bondage to Earth, reflexively overdemanding a minimization of humankind to "ensure preservation" mainly for a select few "worthy" genetic downlines. Ultimately, what's the difference?

As ever, it comes down to the "Haves" versus the "Haves-Not". Meanwhile, every living human could fit inside the relatively tiny state of Texas (however uncomfortably) in his and her own townhouse. It has only the been the preposterously pollutive greed of a relatively few psychopaths who cavalierly consume, destroy, deny progress, and use governments, corporations, occulted armed forces [1] [2] [3] [4] [5], and other unaccountable and untouchable institutions to hold humanity hostage for profitable, covert slow-killing or manipulation into ritualized mass-murder (war). If some culling shall be, let it begin with the largest, worst and most brazen wrong-doers leading the way.

Will you lay down and let them take your here, now, and ever-after? They're counting on it. They're doing everything possible to ensure it. And, in some way or another, you may be working for its anti-human goals on a daily basis. Ignore the warnings and ever-mounting evidence at great peril.

American History from another angle

The Vatican's Role In The New World Order, Bill Hughes

Roman Empire rules today, Jesuits and Black Pope presentation, Dave Cleveland

Push for Unity, Walter Veith

A New World Order, Walter Veith

Look to your roots. Don't give up what others were prepared to die for.

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