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"Smart" meters, for stupid people?

Sicknening, sterilization and depopulation by "slow cooking" the unwary

Got headaches lately? Ringing ears? Aching joints? Insomnia? Brain-fog and inability to focus? Infertility? Chronically worsening medical problems? Military studies show 100% of people affected, but PEPCO doesn't seem to care, rebukes caution and critical science, ignores Channel 9 news expose, obstinately switches out meters anyway, for their profit, and your agonizing loss.

New digital meters are being swapped onto houses, as part of a global agenda, replacing perfectly good, time-proven original analog meters, putting into place invasive monitoring and remote power control devices ("full-spectrum energy dominance") that, according to Ph.D.'s, relentlessly spew biologically-harmful, high-intensity microwave energy bursts, usually exceeding cell-phone levels, routinely over 14,000 times daily. Watch the videos below. You can still opt-out and get your original meter back (Channel 9 video shows how to do this).

One important, but mostly unknown, reason Darnestown is uncommonly calm and peaceful is because its topography makes it naturally unsuitable for blanket coverage by cell-phone tower radiation; however, if everyone blindly and foolishly accepts PEPCO's digital smart meters, every house essentially becomes its own kind of microwave-blaster, relentlessly slow-cooking everyone inside and nearby, transforming Darnestown, house-by-house, into a microwave-irradiated, electro-smog Hell. This is not exaggeration. Watch the videos and learn what they hope you won't. See Take Back Your Power (documentary). See also Environmental Working Group on Cell Phones.

Single best video to date:

The Real Dangers of the Orwellian Smart Grid / Smart Meter Agenda

with Deb Tavares (stopthecrime.net) on Rense radio.